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Acupressure Techniques To Help Dementia Patients Fall Asleep And Maintain Sleep

In certain stages of our lives, there have been some who of us who have had real difficulties in sleeping at night. Whether it’s due to stress, drugs, hormones, or worries, not getting enough sleep can inflict various kinds of negativity on our bodies. Our ability to cope with life’s daily challenges can be impacted […]
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Acupressure For Low Back Pain And Sleepiness During The Day

The Chinese believe that acupressure has been practiced for 5,000 years and people involved in wellness and Holistic therapies are firmly convinced that the methods employed within this sphere are more effective than physical therapy. According to Chinese medicine, each living thing possess a life force called qi or chi. When it’s flowing freely, this […]
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Chinese Medicine And The Innate Healing Power Of Your Body

When people ask me a question about acupuncture, the topic usually is about the needles used in the treatment. Some have asked is there something on the needles? I answer no and immediately explain to them why the needles are used and why it is the most important tool for acupuncturists. I basically tell people […]
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A Typical Chinese Daily Workout Exercise

A typical Chinese daily workout exercise comprises of techniques and exercises and is holistic, meaning it benefits your spirit, mind and body. While it is worthwhile to have a flexible, toned, and body, if you’re not able to control your emotions and mind you don’t have harmonious, complete health! A holistic exercise is something martial […]
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Acupuncture Treatment For Drug Addiction Can Help Reduce Anxiety And Withdrawal Symptoms

Acupuncture has been an extremely versatile form of treatment that has served the Chinese people well for over 2,500 years. Although still regarded by most western cultures as “alternative” medicine, acupuncture is fast gaining notoriety for its efficiency in treating drug addiction and alcoholism in drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. Acupuncture has been recognized by […]
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Acupuncture And Moxibustion For Various Types Of Health Issues

When people think about acupuncture, most of them think about needles, which sadly, is the most common reason why a lot of them are reluctant to try it. It is only natural to have a dislike of needles since it causes pain when they’re stuck into your body. Children and some adults with a toothache […]
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A Few Things To Consider When Setting Up A Tai Chi Falls Prevention Class

Tai Chi has been seen to help reduce the risk of falls in the elderly is an effective practice for addressing the problems of falls among the elderly by about 40 to 50 percent. But despite the fact that this ancient Chinese practice itself works well, it may not be appropriate for everyone. Several contextual […]
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Acupuncture Treatment For Various Issues Related To Pregnancy

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice of applying tiny needles to stimulate certain energy channels called meridians in the body to rebalance the chi or energy of the body. Because it is quite effective in treating chronic illnesses, several pregnant women are using acupuncture to avail themselves of drug-free relief from various unwanted pregnancy symptoms. […]
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The US Olympic Team Uses Cupping Therapy To Help Improve Their Performance

If you happened to watch an American swimmer named Michael Phelps and the other American swimmers in the Rio Games win the gold medal in the 4×100-meter swimming relay, you would have noticed the red circle marks on their skin. These are telltale signs of an ancient Chinese healing therapy known as cupping. Practitioners of […]
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The “Chinese Heart”

In Western medicine, the Heart is simply seen as an organ that pumps blood throughout our body and becomes prone to heart attacks as we age. The health of our heart is in the back of our minds whenever we exercise, check our cholesterol, and regulate our blood pressure to benefit our health. In Chinese […]
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