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What You Should Know About Gua Sha Therapy

Most of us have never heard of gua sha — but if you experience persistent joint or muscle pain, especially in the shoulder, neck, or back, this hands-on drug-free form of treatment is definitely worth knowing about. Gua sha therapy is an East Asian healing procedure that’s commonly administered by an acupuncturist, although it does […]
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The Triple Burner Organ-Energy System

The Triple burner organ-energy system, which is not acknowledged in Western physiology, is known as the ‘Minister of Dredges and Dykes.’ It governs the transformation and movement of various fluids and solids throughout the system and for the circulation and production of protective energy (wei chi) and nourishing energy (ying chi). The Triple burner is […]
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Benefits Of Mastering The Art Of Qi Gong

The age-old techniques of qigong, phonetically pronounced as “chee goong”, is a healing art that strengthens and increases the flow of vital energy or chi and cleanses the body through the use of gentle movement, meditation, and proper breathing techniques. Used for a long time in China, written texts date the use of this healing […]
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The Five Phases Of Chinese Nutritional Therapy

The Five Phases of Chinese Nutritional Therapy (FPNT) depends on a couple of basic frameworks of the Five Phases, Yin/Yang, and Chinese Medicine in Jacksonville. Most of the information in this article is derived from various sources including Chinese medicine school text books. This article should not be seen as a way to lose weight […]
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Falun Gong And The Cultivation Of A Compassionate Heart

A spiritual practice purely in accordance with the cultivation of a compassionate heart, Falun Gong assists in the liberation of karmic blockages that result in illness and disease to restore well being and good health. The practice of Falun Gong originated from an energy-based form of Buddhist Qigong that since then has become quite popular […]
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What Is Chinese Moxibustion-Acupuncture Therapy?

Chinese moxibustion-acupuncture therapy is a very old Chinese path to good health. It has been used by the Chinese for thousands of years and has a long history. Only a few people are aware of this. In fact, most people know that acupuncture only involves the use of needles. The fact is, there is another […]
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What Is Tui Na Bodywork Therapy?

Tui na or Tuina is a Chinese Bodywork Therapy that’s been practiced for over 2,000 years. It utilizes the classical Chinese medical concept of Chi or energy flow energy channels (called meridians) as its fundamental healing orientation. Via the application of manipulation and massage techniques, Tui Na aims to bring about a more balanced flow […]
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Why Buffers Can Be Very Important In Your Life

In life, buffers can be very important. During the course of your life, you tend to discover that there are certain things in which you have absolutely no control of. You will find that there are events in your life that are beyond your control. You don’t have too much control over the things that […]
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How To Apply Qi Gong In Your Life

Chi Kung or Qi Gong is a multimillennial-old type of body posture and movement that cleanses, bolsters, and increases the flow of vital energy known as chi or qi in the body via gentle movement and meditation. Documents in China dating back thousands of years show that Qi Gong has been practiced as far back […]
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What Is Genuine Chinese Food?

Some people believe that Chinese food, as it is prepared with the purpose of providing meaningful benefits, promotes longevity and has certain medicinal and healing qualities. To cook an Oriental cuisine requires experience and knowledge. Chinese food is cooked without the use of milk based ingredients such as cheese, butter, or cream and poly unsaturated […]
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